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Christmas day entertainment for all the family

To make it a Christmas that everyone will remember, we love to incorporate entertainment that our guests of all ages can get involved in. Below are a selection of ideas that require minimal equipment and preparation, but will provide hours of fun for the whole group.

  1. Ornament Guess
    A great way to begin your Christmas Day celebrations is to invite your guests to guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas Tree. You can even have a small prize for the winner. (You’ll just need to know how many are on the tree yourself!)
  2. Who Am I? Christmas Edition
    Just like the popular family favourite, Who am I? But with a Christmas twist, using characters from Christmas songs, books and films. You can download the playing cards for free.
  3. Reindeer Antlers
    A lively game that’s great fun in teams and will get everyone up and going again after their Christmas dinner slump! You’ll need balloons, tights and ribbon.
  4. Christmas Memory Tray
    For this game, you will just need a tray or box and a range of different festive items such as baubles, mince pie, antlers etc. you give everyone the opportunity to take a look and memorise the items, and later write down what they can remember.
  5. Christmas Charades
    A classic family party favourite, but one we couldn’t miss off the list. This version includes a free download of Christmas themed ideas, from songs to activities.
  6. Oven Mitts Challenge
    If your family tear through the wrapping paper on gifts at an alarming rate, then this game will be sure to slow them down. You’ll need two oven mitts, a plate, one die to roll an unbreakable gift (wrapped and wrapped and wrapped).
  7. Christmas Movie Quiz
    One for the film fans, this short family friendly quiz will be sure to get everyone involved.
  8. Christmas Carol Trivia
    A downloadable Christmas Carol quiz. If you have younger family members then you will most probably need to be in teams to help them.
  9. Christmas Pictionary
    Another oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong with Pictionary – and to make it easier you can find lots of Christmas movie, books and song ideas here.
  10. Guess the Smell Christmas Game
    This game requires a little preparation, you’ll need a blind fold, notepaper and pens, jars with lids and a range of scents such as cinnamon, mint, orange etc. The kids will love it (particularly if there is something awful thrown in!)

That’s our Christmas entertainment ideas all wrapped up, let us know which is your favourite!


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