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Our go-to Christmas Dinner recipes

We love to experiment with recipes for our Christmas dinner and trimmings, and have managed to narrow down our all-time favourite crowd pleasers. Many of the recipes can be prepared in advance to ensure that you enjoy as much of the day as possible and avoid unnecessary stress.

Mary Berry Goats Cheese and Shallot Tart
A perfect make-ahead starter that is also suitable for any vegetarian guests.

Gordon Ramsay Roast Turkey with Lemon, Parsley & Garlic
A juicy and flavoursome recipe that works best when cooked a few hours in advance of serving to really help absorb the flavour into the meat.

Jamie Oliver Roast Potatoes
With a range of flavour combinations, you can really show off to your guests with these deliciously crunchy and fluffy spuds.

Gordon Ramsay Brussels sprouts with pancetta
We challenge you to convert any sprout-loathers with this delicious (and easy) recipe.

Jamie Oliver Get-ahead gravy
Avoid a last minute dash to mix up some instant granules. This Jamie Oliver recipe can be prepared days or weeks in advance.

James Martin Chocolate and Cherry Swiss Roll
For a slight twist on the Christmas Yule log, James Martins’ Chocolate and Cherry Swiss Roll is a delicious and quick alternative. It looks great and is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Mary Berry Christmas pudding
Traditionalists, fear-not, Christmas would not be complete without the trusty Christmas Pudding. Of course it’s Mary Berry Queen of cakes that tops as our favourite.


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