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Lansdown House Alterations


Major alteration work was also made to this historic crescent house, most notably our involvement with the top floor and roof. The only property to feature a roof top balcony and additional floor created in the 1870s and used by renowned astronomer Henry Lawson which gives spectacular views over Bath. The roof itself was in poor condition so we completely stripped it back, added a large skylight and bifold doors front and rear to really open the room up.

The logistics of getting the doors, frames, steel beams and all general materials from street level to the top was incredibly challenging, especially the sky light which required a crane to lift it onto the roof. 

The roof was then covered with code 7 sheet lead in the traditional method, good for another 100 years.

We are proud to have played a part of the extensive restoration and on going history of one of Baths most impressive buildings.


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