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Graver’s Angle – Inside the showroom

At Stephen Graver we love the opportunity to meet with prospective clients and guide them through our unique studio, showcasing what can be achieved. Today we share an insight of what you can expect from an initial visit to our studio.

A warm welcome

When you arrive at our beautiful studio, situated on the same site as our workshop in Wiltshire you will be warmly greeted by Stephen Graver in the comfort of our bespoke, fully furnished showroom.

Once you have had a leisurely browse through our kitchen, living and bespoke hand-crafted furniture, you can enjoy some freshly brewed refreshments and discuss your project thoughts. Stephen will help you to consider what’s possible and perhaps provide you with some alternative creative thoughts to really bring your ideas to life.

Each of our designs are a collaborative process, with Stephen working closely with you to customise and personalise to your unique and individual requirements.

It’s in the details

The design is the starting point and the foundation from which the project grows. We take time and care over every project to ensure that the functional requirements are met, whilst always looking for features to make every project personal and unique.

Stephen will guide you through every stage and discuss the choice of finishes, worktops, flooring and handles making it unlike any other.

Everything is designed and manufactured at our workshop on site in Wiltshire, so you can even arrange a time to come and see your project taking shape.

Hidden pleasures

We create beautifully functional designs, and behind every door is a carefully considered piece of craftsmanship to meet your individual desires. Whether that be a drinks cabinet to house your favourite tipple (a bottle or two of Taittinger sits quite comfortably in ours), a walk-in wardrobe, or a complete renovation uniquely crafted to suit your lifestyle, our team of craftsmen revel in every challenge.

World leading brands

We pride ourselves on the highest level of quality service and will only work with products that meet this standard, which is why we choose to work with world-leading brands. We are proud to have a long-standing association with Sub-Zero & Wolf, and we are the only premier dealer for their appliances in the South West.

One of our most loved items in the studio is world renowned architect Zaha Hadid’s faucet from Triflow Concepts. A flowing, seamless functioning tap and piece of art inspired by the fluidity of water itself. A timeless collectors item suitable for either your bathroom or kitchen. It’s not only stylish – it delivers treated drinking water activated by an electric button, while hot and cold are controlled by a single lever. Style and function at its very best.

Highest quality craftsmanship

All of our work is carefully designed and manufactured from our studio and workshops in Wiltshire. We are not importers of materials looking to make things “fit” into your space. Our reputation is built on quality and craftsmanship and visionary design and no job is complete until every party involved is 100% satisfied and happy with the result.

Arrange your consultation

If you would like to arrange your personal design consultation with Stephen Graver, we would love to hear from you. Contact us on 01380 871746 or email to see how we can help to bring your project to life.

Stephen Graver is a family owned construction business backed by an exceptional team of master craftsmen who provide the seamless and outstanding service and quality. In short, we do different. Discover more about Stephen Graver here.


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