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Five things to consider before choosing your new kitchen.

We wanted to start this new series of blogs by sharing some of what we have learned over the years that may help you when you’re thinking about your next home project.

Deciding on installing a new kitchen, bathroom or extension to your home can be a really exciting time but it can also be daunting if you haven’t undertaken a building project of that nature before. Even if you have, it will still be something you’ll be taking on in addition to your normal day to day life so it’s worth thinking about how you can make it happen as smoothly as possible

There’s a lot to think about even before you choose who you want to do the job, try to keep in mind what you want to achieve and how much time you will have to be involved in the process. Here are some of the other things you might want to think about before deciding how to move forward and who you will work with to make it happen.

1. DESIGNED FOR LIFE – Think about what you’re hoping to achieve with your new space and its function. If you have this in mind it will make the planning process easier for you when it comes to thinking about the positioning of furniture, appliances, electrical points etc.

We LOVE the planning stage at Stephen Graver, it gives us the opportunity to bring your initial ideas to life and provide you with inspiration and options that you might not have considered. It’s often a real melting pot for ideas and where we get to know you better, to understand what really matters to you. It’s also why ‘bespoke’ really does mean it’s completely designed with your requirements in mind.

Our beautiful studio in Wiltshire is on the same site as our workshop, so we invite clients to come and talk to us about their ideas and consider new ones in the comfort of our unique space. Our studio has fully functional kitchen displays which are perfect for providing inspiration and to help you to see how your finished project might look in your own home.

2. STYLE & QUALITY – Once you’ve decided on what you want from your new space, it’s important to realise the huge variation in quality and finish from suppliers. If you decide to go down the bespoke and handmade route, you are buying into something that will probably outlast you!

The finish and construction of your kitchen will look as good as the day it was installed for years and years to come. It also means that there is no compromise in style, you can have exactly what you want, tailor made for the space you have.

Stephen Graver have been making kitchens, bathrooms and handmade furniture for over 20 years and we don’t like to blow our trumpet too much, but you can ask any of our clients to verify how good we are. We only use high grade wood in our cabinetry and the choice of finishes, worktops, flooring and handles is endless, making it unlike any other and it’s a total team effort! Nothing leaves our workshop until we and you are happy with the finished result.

3. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – So in addition to your work, your family, and the general chaos of life, you’re now looking to add another job to the list with a home improvement project. If thinking about how much time you have to become a makeshift Project Manager is keeping you awake at night, it will pay dividends to pick the right partner to help you achieve your project aims.

At Stephen Graver, we manage everything, right from the initial design meeting through to the build and manufacture and then to the final point of installation and we invite you to be involved as little or as much as you want to be depending on the obligations on your own time. By getting to know more about you in the design stage, we put ourselves in your shoes and work hard to exceed your expectations. It’s how we’ve always worked and the standards we set ourselves and it’s why we have built the reputation that “We Do Different.” You can find examples of those projects all over our website.

4. PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE: When you’re about to go ahead with something as personal as a home improvement project, you want whoever you work with to feel the way you do. To be excited about what you’re trying to do, to understand the importance of it to you and your family and to work to the standards that you would want to work to and protect your best interests to get the job done.

Stephen Graver is still very much a family firm headed by Stephen, whose meticulous attention to detail and focus on client service is absolutely paramount and what sets the business apart from many others. Nothing is too much trouble from the very start of the process and no job is signed off without our clients feeling completely satisfied with the result. It also speaks volumes that we maintain relationships with our clients long after the job is finished, and why a large amount of our work is referred by word of mouth recommendations from them.

5. ENJOY IT! : Making changes and updates to your home is always exciting! This may be the first time you’ve done anything like this or it may be one of the few opportunities to choose exactly what you want for your new space. Whatever the situation, enjoy the opportunity to create something special and unique which you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re considering a new home improvement project, come and talk to us about your ideas and see if we can inspire you with new ones.


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