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Bath Life – Kitchens 2020

We share our top tips in Bath Life Kitchens 2020 feature

Colour is making a comeback
And thank goodness for that, right?
“The days of 50 shades of cream are fading now,” says Stephen Graver managing director of the eponymous family-owned business, one of the South West’s best known kitchen, bathroom and restoration specialist, “and clients are being bolder and more adventurous with their decor choices. Literally anything is possible. It helps that the choice of colour in natural materials has developed hugely over the past few years, with some really vibrant options now available in marble and stone. Interest can also be created by using natural textures rather than colour, though. Think a copper sink, or polished concrete worktop – it’s become totally personal.”

The nitty gritty
How much will it all cost?

That’s the big question, of course – and the answer really is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ type deals. That said, we do have a little piece of guidance for you…

“As with buying cars, the choice is huge, and the higher your budget, the better the model you’ll be able to afford,” says Stephen Graver. “So whether your budget is £20k or £100k, you’ll find a kitchen to suit your pocket. It really comes down to how long you want it to last. With an increase in cost can come huge differences in terms of quality, durability, sustainability, choice, individuality and design, so it’s really worth thinking about how important the finished room is to you.”

Er, quite important?

“Then you’re like most people – and everyone wants the very best they can get for the budget they can afford. We’ve recently painted a kitchen we fitted 20 years ago, and the only thing that gives the age away is the fact that it doesn’t have soft-close drawer runners – and only because they weren’t available back then! Spending money on new worktops fitted to old base units is fine as a temporary fix in many instances, and will certainly last a couple of years – depending on the quality – but it’s really a sticking plaster remedy. My advice would be to wait a little longer, until you can make the leap for something you really want to make a difference to you home.”

A couple of years should do us. We’ll probably be moving on by then, anyway…
“In which case, don’t spend any money unless you can afford to put a kitchen in that will positively affect the value of your home. We’ve taken out so many brand-new kitchens for clients who want to put their own choices in, so in many cases it’s money that really should have been saved.”

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