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At home on the range.

The kitchen is the social hub of the home where friends and family gather for food and drinks, the main attraction of any house that deserves your utmost attention. So why not lavish it with some stunning appliances that look fantastic and also make your life easier?

A lot goes into planning a kitchen and when you’re considering new appliances, thinking about how you will use them and the benefits they bring will influence your spending choices and how much you want to invest to get the best you can afford. Range cookers can vary from price and colour to size and finish and we can help you to choose the perfect appliance that fits all your needs and understanding what you really want from your kitchen space.

Home cooking and baking is big business, and with people trying to achieve more and more in their kitchens, some are looking to incorporate that professional touch. If your trying to be more Gordon Ramsey than Harry Ramsden, Sub-Zero and Wolf, specifically the Wolf Dual Fuel Range could be deemed as the Nirvana of choices. This cooker combines the control and convenience of the electric oven with all the glory of gas cooking. Available in a choice of sizes and formats, the dual fuel ranges are welcome additions to kitchens of all sizes.

Perhaps your style is more traditional, you have a shaker-style kitchen or you’re searching for that that quintessential country look? The iconic AGA cooker has been at the heart of the English home for decades.

Originally designed in 1922 as a storage heater that allowed the accumulated heat to be used for cooking, the company has evolved to now offer dual-fuel and electric appliances in a number of varied colours. The newest model, the AGA Total Control, features a user-friendly touch screen panel that offers total flexibility and functionality and ultimately makes the AGA cooker a viable choice for the 21st century kitchen.

For those that are searching for something different, something that suggests a certain sense of style, an appliance that can be both bold and also understated, we could only recommend Italian firm Bertazzoni.

Bertazzoni design appliances that showcase the Italian sense of style and flair and yet also fit seamlessly within both traditional and contemporary kitchens. If you have the room we would recommend using the addition of a Bertazzoni as a statement piece in either the clean, crisp stainless steel or the bold colours of yellow, red or orange, should your kitchen pallet allow.

So there you have it, our guide to three of the finest appliance brands that can elevate a kitchen of any size, colour or style.

If this has given you food for thought and you think it might time to upgrade your kitchen, or another part of your home, why not get in touch, talk to us and let’s put your dream house into motion.


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