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Adding colour to your kitchen

At Stephen Graver we love working with our clients to create spaces that are truly unique to their personality and vision of their overall home interior. Spring is a great time to think about refreshing the colour palette in your home. Here are some of our tips on how to add colour into your kitchen scheme.


A versatile and practical way to create an instant impact to the space. With many options available, including coloured glass, copper, tiles, marble, mirrored and stainless steel. The range of options mean that it’s a great way apply a “splash” of colour or texture to the space. Due to the nature of the of the technique it is also fairly easy to update should you wish to refresh the scheme.

Cabinet doors

A traditional way to add colour to the kitchen is with the cabinet doors. There are endless shades available which will allow you to be creative when choosing your finish. 

There are so many possibilities to add your own style to the space. You may choose to have all the cabinets one colour, wall cabinets neutral and a feature tone for the floor units, or you may opt for one wall of cabinets to be a feature colour. It may be worth considering a solid wood door which will provide the flexibility to re-paint in the future should you wish.


An ever-popular option is to create a statement with a feature-coloured island. Due to the island being the natural focal-point you many are opting for a bold contrasting tone to emphasise this central anchor to the space.


Gone are the days when we are limited to the colours of our appliances. We love the variety that can be found with premium brands such as Aga and Lacanche. From bold to pastels, neutral and traditional there is something to suit all schemes.

Cabinet Interior

A fun way to inject some extra personality into your kitchen is by adding a pop of colour to the cupboard interiors. You may wish to choose a feature colour that you have already used within the space, or it could be an opportunity to add a flash of colour to a neutral space. 

When it comes to colour, the possibilities are truly endless, and at Stephen Graver we love nothing more than working with you to create a scheme that is reflective of you and your families’ personality; because we understand that it is not just a kitchen, it is the setting and heart of many special occasions and moments.  
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